Our Mission: A Healthly Life Through Breast Cancer Research & Education

Our Motto: A Breast Cancer Free Life for All

Each year in the United States, over 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Through advancements in research and greater awareness, survival rates have increased. Substantial progress has taken place not only in early diagnosis and treatment, but also in cosmetic outcomes and emotional well-being.

GROW for Life®
Breast Cancer Research & Education Foundation

3810 Market Street, Warren, PA 16365
Phone: 814-723-5050 or 866-217-GROW
Fax: 888-217-3539

Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness & Action Events

Take a BC Survivor to Brunch
Sat., September 26 11am-1pm
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GROW For Life®
Celebration of Life - Breast Cancer Outreach

October 2009
Locations: Supporting florists accross the US
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Lily Action - Care of Breast & Body

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